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Greensboro AHEC invites you to learn more and witness the developing long-term outcomes of new possibilities with All of Us. We can assist you with opportunities to enroll as individuals or to engage as community organizations, health care providers, or researchers as partners in participation in this effort to advance health care equity in precision medicine. 

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The All of Us Research Program is an ambitious effort to gather data from one million or more people living in the United States to accelerate research. The program is open to people of all health statuses from all communities.




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When certain groups are left out of medical research, it can mean treatments are designed for the "average" patient, which may not best serve diverse populations. Participation from community organizations ensures data from diverse groups are included as researchers seek to design future health care solutions. Without more research, precision medicine won't be able to move forward. Advancements in precision medicine can ultimately supply providers with knowledge to provide precision care for a range of conditions, while also saving time and resources by centralizing patient records.

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A rich collection of secure data from a diverse cohort of engaged participants will help researchers save time and resources so they can spend less time building a study and more time seeking answers to their research questions.

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COVID-19 and All of Us

The All of Us Research Program has initiated three new scientific activities to help us better understand COVID-19 and inform current and future pandemic responses:

Antibody testing COVID-19 Participant Experience (COPE) Survey Electronic health record (EHR) integration

For more information about Greensboro Area Health Education Center's partnership with the All of Us Research Program, please contact Shawn Houck, MSN, RN, Coordinator, Regional Education, GAHEC, at

Greensboro AHEC 2021–22

Regional Nursing Clinical Site Development Grantmaking

•  UNC-Chapel Hill School of Nursing Mobile Nursing Clinic Wake County

•  UNC-Greensboro School of NursingMoss Street Partnership School  Rockingham County

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NC AHEC assists nursing schools with the development of new clinical learning experiences in rural and underserved areas, as funded by N.C. General Assembly.

Regional Practice SECU-Funded Telehealth Mini-Grants

 Barn Door Health Randolph County

•  Belmont Medical Associates Rockingham County

•  Health Department Orange County

•  Free Clinic Rockingham County

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Our GAHEC/NC AHEC system partnerships are in continuous development. Please revisit this page for future updates on programming that supports healthcare education and research to enhance our mission to recruit, train, and retain an improved healthcare workforce.

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