Schedule of Greensboro AHEC CME Fees

The CME charges by Greensboro AHEC are based on the degree of involvement in the educational intervention.  Please contact our office directly to discuss our fee structure.

Definition of Charges

Application for CME credit fee

        Assist with the preparation and submission of the CME application for review

        Present program to Activity Review Committee for approval of credit

Participant fee

        Receive registration forms and fees

        Enter registrations into database

        Send each participant a confirmation package

        Distribute attendance certificates after course

Educational grant oversight fee

        Maintain compliance with ACCME guidelines for all grants

Educational grant processing fee

                    Maintain communication with donor

        Process required documentation

        Receive grant

        Distribution of grant

Management fee (often in conjunction with AHEC's CE Services team)

Our Range of Services for AHEC Courses include:

Manage course finances

        Assist in developing a course budget

        Deposit receipts and pay bills

        Assist with all necessary paperwork for commercial support

        Prepare financial summary

 Planning evaluation and reporting

        Initial planning meeting to develop

        Determination of roles and responsibilities

        Educational and administrative support plans

        Ongoing planning communications

        Prepare evaluation forms

        Compile evaluation data and develop summary report

        Prepare final course report

        Assist in needs assessment

        Education consultant


Speaker communications/educational support

        Confirm participation

        Communicate  course objectives and obtain speaker objectives

        Obtain information about audiovisual needs, lodging and travel arrangements

        Obtain syllabus material

        Obtain disclosure forms

On site management of course

        Make ready registrations area and monitor meeting area

        Register participants and or check in pre-registered participants

        Hand out syllabus and name tags

        Monitor educational sessions and audio-visual equipment

        Monitor food functions

        Collect evaluation forms

Development and management of a promotion plan

        Determine mailing strategy

        Ordering mailing labels

        Designing promotional piece

        Arrange for printing

        Arrange for mailing

Facility management

        Selection of site

        Negotiation with site: food and beverage; sleeping rooms; meeting rooms

        Signing contract

        Communications with site

        Management of contract

Grant Submissions* 

        Maintain communication with donor

        Process required documentation

        Receive grant

        Distribution of grant

*GAHEC grant submission service is limited to pharmaceutical companies requiring submission by the accredited provider