Sponsorship Guidelines

The following are overall guidelines for planning continuing medical education activities. Each program will have its own specific requirements. Please contact Greensboro AHEC's Office of CME in order to receive a full Course Director's Packet for your activity.

Application Process

1. The Office of CME at Greensboro AHEC requires at least six months from receipt of the application materials in order to plan an educational activity. Depending upon the scope of the program, more time may be required.  Incomplete applications and/or documentation will not be reviewed by the Activity Review Committee.  Incomplete applications will be returned to the course director.

2. A separate application must be submitted for each CME activity.

3. Approval of any activity is contingent upon receipt of the required paper work after completion of the CME activity.

4. Category 1 CME credit is awarded for instructional hours only and is not renewed automatically:

Recurring activities (grand rounds, medical staff series, etc.) must complete a CME Activity Application and attach all required documentation.  Incomplete applications and/or documentation will not be reviewed by the Activity Review Committee. Incomplete applications will be returned to the course director.

Basic Requirements for a CME Program

A formally planned AMA PRA category 1 educational activity is one that meets all accreditation standards, covers a specific subject area that is scientifically valid and is appropriate in depth and scope for the intended physician audience. More specifically, the activity must:

be sponsored by an organization accredited by the ACCME or a state medical society

conform to the AMA definition of CME

conform to AMA ethical opinions on Gifts to Physicians from Industry and on Ethical Issues in CME as well as the ACCME Standards for Commercial Support of CME

be intended to meet a demonstrable educational need; Needs assessment data provide the basis for developing programming that is appropriate for a particular audience. This must be accomplished at least once a year for a series and documented

include stated educational objectives; Each program or series must have overall objectives, which are specifically related to the learners' needs.  Objectives should be conveyed to both participants and speakers in advance of each activity.

have content appropriate for the specified objectives

use appropriate learning methodologies for the content and format of the activity

have definable evaluation and outcomes mechanisms to be used to assess the quality and relevance to the stated needs of the activity. For a series it is necessary to evaluate at least once every six months. If feasible, each program in a series should be evaluated for greater accuracy in feedback.

Promotional Materials

1. If Category 1 credit is sought through the Office Continuing Medical Education of Greensboro AHEC, appropriate mention must be noted on the brochure or flyer. Specific and precise wording in accordance with ACCME regulations is required. (See Promotional Materials Requirements).

2. Preparation of your activity brochure or flyer must follow specific guidelines in order meet the accrediting criteria.

3. The use of any reference to CME credit before it has been granted is forbidden. You must NOT put statements such as "CME credit has been applied for" in your brochure. Make sure you follow Greensboro AHEC Office of CME's Guidelines and allow sufficient time to receive approval prior to printing course material. If you wish to advertise this credit in your brochure, you must have approval in hand prior to ANY advertisement.

*Send a draft of proposed activity syllabus, brochure and other required materials, to the Office Continuing Medical Education for review and approval of credit hours, objectives, evaluation of forms, etc.

Outside support for CME activities

In keeping with the ACCME Standards for Commercial Support, the following must be noted:

1. Generally, support should be provided to the sponsor in the form of a grant, with a written agreement concluded directly between the grantor and sponsor to define their respective roles and responsibilities. The size of the budget should be calculated to provide no more than the expenses necessary for organizing and executing the educational event. Providing honoraria, accommodations, or travel arrangements for faculty beyond those normally necessary to accomplish the educational function is not appropriate. Payment for lodging, honoraria, or travel for the audience is not appropriate. Gifts of more than nominal value or amenities are inappropriate for either faculty or participants or for family members.

2. No honoraria or other expenses may be paid directly to a presenter by a commercial supporter. All commercial support funds must be paid directly to either the Activity Director/Department or Greensboro AHEC Office of CME for appropriate distribution. Please refer to the ACCME Standards for Commercial Support.

3. All Commercial Support Agreements where funds are involved must be placed on file with the Office of CME.  All Commercial Support Agreements must be signed by a representative from Greensboro AHEC.